Pressure Washing Services in Sydney

High-Pressure Washing Services in Sydney

As one of the ‘green’ ways, pressure washing services help maintain and clean all types of hard surfaces like roofs, driveways, pavers, concrete surfaces, courtyards and walls. Since its establishment, Simo’s Property Services has developed a solid reputation for its reliability & efficiency. Our professionals specialise in high-pressure washing and cleaning to suit your residential cleaning needs in Sydney.

The Equipment We Use/Our High-Pressure Washing Process

What Do Our Pressure Washing Services Cover?

  • Driveways and concrete floors
  • Tiled areas
  • Pathways and paving
  • Timbers and pergolas
  • Dirty walls
  • Fences
  • Mould and dirt
  • Patio floors

Through our professional pressure washing and cleaning services, you may prolong the overall lifespan of the outdoor area of your property. In addition, you can eliminate the potential hazards, minimise the risk of structural damages & enhance the overall aesthetic. Whether you need a high-pressure washing of your driveway cleaning, oil stain removal or patio cleaning, Simo’s Property Services is always ready to prioritise all your needs.

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