Lawn Mowing Service in Sydney

Lawn Mowing Service in Sydney

Mowing the lawn has an array of advantages aside from ensuring the property’s outdoor area looks beautiful for neighbours and guests. Simo’s Property Services offer the best possible lawn mowing service in Sydney We always use highly advanced equipment, ensuring professional mowing services every time.

The Tools We Use for Mowing the Lawn

What Do Our Lawn Mowing Services Cover?

  • Mowing & edges
  • Trimming and hedging
  • Garden bed maintenance
  • Pruning & mulching
  • Rubbish removal

Our team is dedicated to maintaining & transforming lawns with proven lawn mowing & grass cutting services resulting in a healthy & elegant lawn. We aim to offer reliable customer care service & high-quality lawn care. Simo’s Property Services has competitive rates that meet your budget. We monitor all shrubs & trees on your lawn – guaranteeing adequate aesthetic maintenance & landscape protection of your property.

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We Offer Our Lawn Mowing Services in the Following Areas


Lawn Mowing Service FAQ

Depending on your region, lawn type, and season, most lawn mowing service providers recommend mowing your lawn every 2-3 weeks. Keep your lawns short to make mowing easy and faster each time. In the summer, experts recommend allowing your lawn to stay a little longer to help retain water and keep it from drying up. Your lawn will grow faster in the spring and after a lot of rain, so you will need to cut it more frequently.

When you submit your lawn mowing requirement on Simo’s Property, you’ll receive affordable quotes from our lawn mowing services near you in minutes. You also won’t have to spend the entire day on the phone comparing pricing and availability.

Lawn mowing services often comprise cutting grass to a height of 5-10 cm (based on the season), trimming grass around trees, garden beds, hedge trimming, edging, pruning, and green waste removal. Usually, your gardener will dispose of the cut grass in your green waste bin or take it away for you.
Grass mowing typically costs $40-$50 per hour and takes around 30 minutes to mow an ordinary garden lawn. Most lawn mowing services in Sydney charge a flat fee rather than an hourly rate, so you’ll know precisely how much it will cost before they begin. The price will be affected by the quality of your grass, the size of your garden, and any slopes.


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