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Are we insured and certified?2022-02-22T06:57:33+11:00

Yes. Our team at Simo’s Property Services are made up of fully trained, experienced and skilled professionals. We are also a leading insured service provider. We are happy to provide friendly and top-notch gardening & landscaping services.

How often should I get the property cleaned?2022-02-22T06:57:14+11:00

The frequency of property cleaning relies on several factors like pets or children, living habits, etc. However, experts recommend considering professional cleaning services at least once in 2 months. You should also consider regular cleaning solutions to keep your property dust free.

Why do I need an expert property cleaning?2022-02-22T06:56:51+11:00

Over time, properties are engulfed by dirt and are unhygienic as well. It leads to several health problems. So, expert cleaning helps to keep the property clean from unwanted dust, dirt and stains. Simo’s Property Services ensures thorough cleaning solutions without compromising quality.

What does gardening solutions include?2022-02-22T06:56:34+11:00

Our range of garden maintenance services includes lawn mowing, hedge trimming, small tree trimming, weed control, flower planting and leaf clearance.

What kind of cleaning equipment do we use?2022-02-22T06:40:40+11:00

As the leading cleaning company, we always prefer to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
Our range of equipment includes advanced cleaning agents, garden mowers, steam cleaners, scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Do we offer add-on services?2022-02-22T06:37:32+11:00

Yes. Simo’s Property Services also provide a number of add-on services including window cleaning, floor scrubbing, sanitization, trash cleaning and more.

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